Keystone Volunteer Opportunities

In 2021, volunteers provided Keystone Opportunity Center with more than 7,700 hours of service. Below are the opportunities we have available. We ask all volunteers to go through a volunteer orientation on Zoom. Fill out the Volunteer Application, and we will be in touch with you soon.

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Events Committee

Keystone’s Events Committee helps plan and execute Keystone events and auctionn. They meet Tuesdays on Zoom and help bring in sponsors, auction items and plan exciting events.


Keystone’s youth event is a night to learn about poverty, where youth go through a soup kitchen experience, learn about poverty and sleep outside in a car, tent or cardboard structure. We need help serving soup, with some activities throughout the night and serving breakfast in the morning.

Community Ambassadors

Keystone is invited to events and festivals throughout the year. Keystone’s Community Ambassadors help set up and staff the table, either all day or in shifts.

Fundraising Volunteers

Help Keystone raise money through your own efforts. From bake sales to car washes, we have ideas on how you can make an incredible impact.

Kid-Friendly Food Bags/Thanksgiving Meal Bags

In the summer, Keystone receives grocery bags full of kid friendly food to give out to our clients. In the fall, Keystone receives grocery bags full of the ingredients to make a Thanksgiving dinner along with a $25 gift card. They are dropped off over two days, and we need help getting all of the bags stored throughout our building.

Personal Care Bags/Snack Bags

Want to help our Food Pantry from home? We have a list of different bags you can make with your friends or family.

Food Pantry

Assist Keystone in the summer months stocking shelves and putting away deliveries.

Fresh For All

Every Tuesday, volunteers at Fresh For All distribute 20-30 lbs of fresh produce to about 150 households.

House Rehab

Keystone’s housing units need maintenance all year long. Jobs are as small as changing lightbulbs and pulling weeds to as large as painting houses. These opportunities are both indoor and outdoor tasks and make great individual and group projects.

Student Backpacks

In the summer, Keystone receives new backpacks full of school supplies to give out students in need. From helping distribute them to helping at bacpack-a-thons off site, this project can span one day or several days.

Tutors/Classroom Aids

Keystone’s education programs are in Souderton, Lansdale, Willow Grove and Norristown and include English as a Second Language (ESL), EL/Civics, GED, Reading, and Math. We offer three opportunities to volunteer with our students in any of our locations.
1) Keystone offers one-on-one tutoring. You would be matched with a student and meet at either a library or coffee shop. The sessions are 1.5 hours long, twice a week for a weekly commitment of 3 hours. Volunteers must have a bachelors degree.
2) Classroom aids work directly in the classroom with a group of students. Classes are 2.5 hours each, twice a week for a weekly commitment of 5 hours. The volunteer commitment is 5 hours per week. Volunteers must have a high school diploma.
3) Want to help set up the classroom? We need help on Mondays moving and setting up chairs and tables.

Holiday Reception

In December, Keystone offers a holiday reception for our clients. We distribute gift cards, coats, food and more. We need assistance with distribution of items, serving food, parking attendants and more.

Weekday Support

Envelope stuffers, calligraphers and people who love to talk on the phone are all needed to send thank you notes and help our front desk throughout the year. Tasks are larger at certain times of the year.

Group Opportunities

Keystone often has needs for groups to accomplish a larger task – such as moving food from the food pantry storage into the pantry, or cleaning out an apartment between tenants. These tasks are great opportunities for youth groups, church groups, boy scout troops, or community clubs.

Sign Up Online:

Individual Volunteer Application Form

Group Volunteer Application Form