Family Literacy

Family Literacy

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The Family Literacy program hopes to be back for in person learning in summer of 2022.

Keystone’s Family Literacy program addresses the literacy needs of the entire family while promoting parents’ involvement in their children’s education. Subjects taught across the program integrate adult education, parenting education, interactive literacy activities and early childhood education as follows:

  • Adult Education: promotes improvement of English language skills, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, goal setting, and workplace skills.
  • Early Childhood Education: promotes the growth and development of young children and teaches kindergarten readiness skills.
  • Parent Education: provides instruction on how children grow, develop, and learn. It addresses issues critical to a family’s well-being, connects parents with schools and community resources, and provides opportunities for parents to network and develop mutual support systems. Parent education also emphasizes the importance of parents being engaged in their child’s education in order to foster meaningful involvement that will be maintained throughout the child’s K-12 experience.
  • Interactive Parent/Child Literacy Activities: provides parents and children the opportunity to share their newly developed literacy experiences. Parents and children learn together as true partners in education.

Interested students may contact our Education Department directly at 267-663-1001.