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Keystone Opportunity Center, Inc. was formed in 2009 from the merger of the Indian Valley Opportunity Center (IVOC, founded in 1970) and the Indian Valley Housing Corporation (IVHC founded in 1990). Both partners brought major strengths to Keystone.

The IVOC brought to Keystone a compelling vision for helping poor and marginalized persons in our community. Starting in 1987, IVOC added a focus on improving clients’ lives through Adult Education starting with English as Second Language (ESL) classes, then adding high school equivalency (GED) classes, Civics (Citizenship readiness) and Family Literacy (working with parents to help the entire family) over the next decade. The Food Pantry was added in 2002.

IVHC brought to Keystone a strong passion for providing affordable housing and supportive services to ensure that homeless neighbors had safe shelter. By 2009 IVHC had developed the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN), a network of more than thirty faith communities, providing Emergency Shelter, and eighteen units of Transitional Shelter Housing. Together these programs have helped numerous families stabilize in permanent housing.

Since 2009 Keystone has integrated and built on these strengths to more fully meet the needs of our community.