Alternative Gift Giving Program

Alternative Gift Giving Program

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 What is an Alternative Gift?

An Alternative Gift is a gift given TO Keystone and to your recipient THROUGH Keystone. Alternative gifts are donations given to Keystone in honor of other individual(s) for milestone events, holidays or ‘just because.’ The gift giver contributes a one-time donation and the gift recipient receives a personalized Keystone gift card in the mail with the giver’s message. Both giver and recipient benefit from the knowledge that lives are being changed with their gift. Each gift helps members of our own community through Keystone’s social services that educate, encourage and empower them to become self-sufficient. Gifts that matter – honor someone through an alternative gift today!

How do I give an Alternative gift?

It’s easy as 1-2-3!
1. Just go to our donation page (Click here),
2. Fill out the form for a one-time donation, checking the checkbox for “This donation is an Alternative Gift,” and
3. Enter the recipient’s name, address and reason for giving (holiday, birthday, anniversary, etc.) in the Comment section and we’ll handle the rest!

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