Many children in our area are going to bed hungry.
The situation worsens when schools close for summer,
as school is a source for daily meals for 25% of the students
in our community. That’s a total of 1,623 children!

Together we can change this harsh reality.

Keystone Opportunity Center launched a new summer lunch program for children!

NEW – Children’s Boxed Lunches:This summer we will start distributing boxed lunches for children. In partnership with Philabundance, we will distribute 1,800 fresh, boxed lunches in two locations: our Pantry and our weekly “Fresh for All” mobile pantry from June 10 through August 30.

Keystone Opportunity Center now feeds twice as many people!

NEW – “Fresh for All” Outdoor Food Distribution:We recently started a new program: managing the weekly Fresh For All community food distribution in Souderton. It doubles the number of hungry children, adults and seniors served by Keystone! This food distribution is not restricted to the territory of our regular food pantry so we can serve the many who are in rural areas that are far from other food pantries.

Keystone Opportunity Center offers additional food through the summer to families with kids!

Student Summer Meal Bags:For the families of the 1,623 children who qualify for free or reduced meals at school, we will offer grocery bags filled with kid-friendly foods. In addition to the regular pantry pickup, we send home 2 to 3 extra grocery bags packed with meals and snacks for kids so they won’t go hungry when they don’t have access to school meals.

Macaroni & Cheese 4 pack (Microwavable container)
Juice Boxes (6 or 8 pack)
Breakfast Cereal
2 x cans of chicken noodle soup
Pudding &/or fruit cups (pack 4 or 6)
Peanut butter & Jelly (strawberry or grape)
Box of: fruit snacks, cookies, or crackers
3 x Tuna (cans w/pull tab) & small jar of mayo
Granola or cereal bars
4 x Canned meals Spaghettios w/meatballs & Raviolios

Bags should be delivered to the food pantry, Monday-Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am till noon.

The community needs Keystone Opportunity Center’s food pantry!

The Keystone Food Pantry: Each month, approximately 256 families visit our food pantry to get essential groceries–purchased thanks to your financial contributions—along with fresh produce, toiletries, paper products and other items donated by local farmers, stores and individuals. This is the first line in fighting off hunger.

Now I ask you: will you join us?
Will you renew your commitment to providing a lifeline for
the children, adults and seniors in our community?