“Can you help me get food? My SNAP benefits have gotten goofed up because of the government shutdown and now I can’t get any groceries!”

That’s what every pantry in the region is hearing from our senior citizens, our veterans, and our unemployed or underemployed families right now.

While everyone was focusing on the government employees out of work during the shutdown, another big problem was developing: the schedule for distribution of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP/food stamps) was changed. This is now leaving many vulnerable people without food!

In anticipation of an extended government shutdown, an entire month’s SNAP benefit was distributed to recipients all at once. It sounded like a good plan, but here’s the problem:

Most recipients did not know that the benefit they received a couple weeks ago was the entire month’s allotment. They thought they got a bonus and spent them.
The date for the next SNAP distribution is uncertain. With another government shutdown looming, it may be weeks or months.

Suddenly, SNAP recipients are panicking. They are calling food pantries because they have no SNAP benefits left for the rest of the month, and the March distribution date is uncertain.

Innocent casualties of the shutdown are in need of your immediate help!

Please donate today to help us stock our shelves. The influx of people who cannot rely on their benefits has already begun to be seen at Keystone Opportunity. Will you help?

Please make a donation to support Keystone today! And drop off some food in our food pantry.

We ask for your support – whatever you can give will help.

Thank you for your dedication to providing help and hope in the community! We assure you that your gift will be put to its best use, helping us to help others.

Please give generously.