Small Gifts Leave Lasting Impressions for Once Homeless Mother and Child

Small Gifts Leave Lasting Impressions for Once Homeless Mother and Child


Krisen and daughter 1992As a young rebellious teen, Krisen made some rash decisions that put her in difficult circumstances for the early part of her adult life. A quick marriage, a move far from family and the birth of a daughter left her alone and helpless when she realized her husband was unfaithful and abusive.

Krisen made the difficult decision to leave her husband to keep her daughter and herself safe. At the time she was located in the suburbs of Philadelphia and hoped to find a job and finish her education. But with no family connections or other support, she found herself homeless and unable to support a young child.

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Her search for help directed her to an Interfaith Hospitality Network shelter program where she worked hard to find a job and move into a more stable situation. Of course, her focus was on her future and that of her child. Not thinking about the typical first-time mother things like taking baby pictures for a scrapbook, she was most concerned about how to feed, clothe and provide for her daughter with no family or child support to help.

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The gift of photos taken by one shelter volunteer is now one of Krisen’s most treasured possessions. As she and her daughter were able to stay together and gradually move out on their own, Krisen realized that she would not have any baby photos to share with her daughter were it not for the kindness of a stranger.

Krisen finished school, connected with a church family, remarried and is currently living a life she never dreamed possible. Having faced many struggles in her life, she has made the decision to work with organizations similar to the ones which helped her get back on her feet.