Hope Grows Donations

Hope Grows Donations

Keystone Opportunity center would enjoy having you attend our 2016 Annual Spring Banquet “Hope Grows” but we understand that it may not fit your schedule.  Thank you for your willingness to support Keystone’s “Hope Grows” banquet by making a donation in your absence.   Here are three easy ways that you can impact our neighbors here in the local community by your financial support.

I would like to donate $150 to help house
a family for a week.

I would like to donate the following amount to
help my neighbors struggling with housing,
food, and/ or literacy challenges.

I would Like to donate $75 to help provide
food for a family for a week.

Thank you again for your ongoing support of Keystone Opportunity Center and your dedication to impacting the lives of those struggling with food, housing, and literacy challenges here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.