Jaynee has a loving daughter Melissa, aged five. Last year, in the lead-up to Mother’s Day, they used their car to sleep in each night. Both were cold, and Jaynee did what she could to provide Melissa nutritious food, often going without eating herself.

There was nothing to make her Mother’s Day special. No crayoned Mother’s Day card, no home-made craft, no bunch of flowers, only the unconditional love of Melissa who adored her Mom.

Here in Bucks and Montgomery counties there are 7,500 children living in deep poverty this Mother’s Day. These families are in need of the support that Keystone Opportunity Center can provide, like housing, food and education.

Thankfully, last year Jaynee reached out to Keystone Opportunity Center who immediately responded with the help and support she and Melissa needed.

This year, Melissa already has her crayoned Mother’s Day card made, and a homemade flower to give her Mom this Sunday.

Yet there are too many moms like Jaynee who need help and support. Please make a gift today in honor of a Mom…your Mom…Jaynee…or someone else that you know, so we may continue to serve members in our community facing poverty, hunger and homelessness.