Hannah’s Story

Hannah’s Story

Summer Aid Program

Keystone needs your help. To provide the Summer Aid Program to this increasing number of local students, we need to raise $30,000.  This will ensure that these additional children get the food they need throughout the summer.  We know that you will rally support to help these local families in need. Won’t you consider donating to help your neighbors’ children so they have the food they need this summer?

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Video Disclaimer – As a care-giving organization Keystone strives to protect and guard the privacy and character of every member of our family and community.  With this in mind the details, names and characteristics of the stories shared have been changed and roles are played by actors.  Keystone strives through these videos to share real life examples of everyday events and challenges our family members face and our staff helps to overcome while being sensitive and protective to all parties involved. These video’s often are the combination of details from multiple stories to protect told in a creative manner to protect privacy.