Everyone is struggling right now, but none more so than the clients of Keystone Opportunity Center.

Our most fragile families were already at the end of their ropes.

Hopefully, in this time of uncertainty, we can reflect on the ways in which we are blessed. You and I can stock up on groceries. We have a place to live where we can safely hunker down. We might even have a few dollars in our bank accounts to keep us going.

Will you help us to help others during this emergency?

We have gone into emergency response mode at Keystone. We have made changes to our operations so we can serve families in ways that reduce the risk of transmitting disease during this global health crisis.

But we see their needs growing. Many clients, with little income already, have lost their jobs.

It is harder than ever for us to get homeless families into rental units as landlords put a freeze on taking in new tenants.

And it’s harder to serve seniors as they stopped visiting the food pantry because they fear contracting the virus.

We are requesting financial contributions, now more than ever, so we have the funds to do everything we can for those in need during this crisis.

Keystone is modifying many processes across our food, housing and education departments to ensure we can continue helping clients. We are purchasing work-from-home equipment so clients can be assisted safely by phone. We are cross training staff to ensure continuity.

We request financial contributions, now more than ever, so we have the funds to support these unanticipated operational challenges.

As much as we are doing now, we know that the hardest days are ahead of us.

The most vulnerable population will not have the resources to recover from this setback. They will turn to Keystone Opportunity Center, so we must turn to you and ask for your partnership in this difficult time.

Keystone is making plans now so we are prepared for tomorrow, next week, or however long COVID-19 will impact our community, and we need your help.

In order to reduce the spread of the virus, we are not accepting donations of any food or items at this time. Our offices are closed to the public.

Rest assured, your financial contribution will be far more effective than food or gift cards at this point in time. Instead of shopping for us, you can stay safe at home; PLUS every dollar you donate will go further than if you made purchases because of our ability to buy from wholesalers.

Please make your gift online by clicking on one of the purple buttons. Or mail a check made out to Keystone Opportunity Center to the address below.

We hope you and your family stay safe in these challenging times.