Updated Food Pantry Hours

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Thursday (1st Thursday of each month) – 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


In loving memory – John D. Lyon

It is with deep sadness that Keystone Opportunity Center announces the death of John Lyon, Board Member, former Interim Executive Director, and long time volunteer.

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No one has to tell you that hunger is increasing in our community. You can see the long lines of people waiting for food on most news programs. Or, if you drive past Keystone Opportunity Center’s weekly Fresh For All mass food distributions, you can see the long line of cars there, too. But how bad is it, really?

A report from Feeding America released just weeks ago shows:
• Child hunger has risen from 14.6% to nearly 18%. That’s 13 million hungry children in the US!
• Overall food insecurity has risen from 11% to 13%. That’s 42 million hungry people!
• In communities of color, the rate of food insecurity tops 21%!
• Most impacted are those who were food insecure before COVID-19; they are even worse now.

In 2020, Keystone Opportunity Center distributed 585,000 pounds of food, which is 500,000 meals! That’s 46% more food than the previous year!

We thank you for the support you have provided to our pantry through 2020, and ask for your help now so we can continue to serve our community in this extraordinary time.

The impact on homelessness is just as dire. Because of COVID-19, emergency shelters have had to reduce the number of people they house, while the number of people experiencing homelessness is increasing. What’s more, many of the partnering organizations that allowed their buildings to be used to provide additional housing have been closed. Our Rapid Rehousing program has been inundated. We launched a new effort—hoteling people—because there is simply nowhere else for people to go in this difficult time. But we do this with private funding, from people like you.

We appreciate your donations for housing and community case management in 2020, and ask for your help now so we can continue our fight against homelessness during this challenging year.

The students in our adult education and family literacy programs have been attending classes, despite having gone virtual. Their dedication is inspiring! Many have overcome many obstacles, including driving to a parking lot where they sit in their cars to take their exams while remaining socially distanced. They know that the thing between their current income and a better job is improving their language, math and other skills, so they show up, no matter what.

We applaud the many donors to our education programs in 2020, and ask for your help now so we can continue the numerous classes that help so many improve their lives.

Keystone fully expects to provide help and hope to more than 5,000 people this year—individuals who are your friends, your neighbors, perhaps your family members.

While many of our supporters have been incredibly generous, some are no long in a position to help. Indeed, some of our donors have now become our clients.

Please consider making a donation today.

Currently, so many people are in need of help. Looking ahead, when eviction moratoriums are lifted and stimulus funding is spent, even more people will face difficult times.

Can we rely on you to be there for your neighbors?

Please donate now. Your gift will be used on the most urgent needs.