Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

When any illness strikes, those who are most impacted are those who lack adequate food, are homeless, don’t have healthcare, or are elderly*.

In extraordinary times, such as when an aggressive contagion infects our region, we must remember to look out for our fragile neighbors.

Keystone Opportunity Center is rolling out changes to our programs so we can continue assisting those who are already in great need.

We Need Your Help to Serve Them All

Should the COVID-19 situation worsen locally, Keystone plans to modify our food pantry operations so we can serve families more quickly. And if it becomes obvious that families cannot be served, we would move to providing a larger quantity of food, along with grocery gift cards.

Already, grocery stores have reduced their donations to Keystone as they are stocking smaller quantities in anticipation of fewer customers. We need to know that we have the funds to purchase food through our wholesale suppliers.

Please Make a Gift to Help Today!

Already, we have instituted infection control procedures, and started cross training staff throughout our food, housing and education departments in case of staff or volunteer absences. We need the funding to support these unanticipated operational challenges.

Keystone is making plans now so we are prepared for tomorrow, next week, or however long COVID-19 will impact our community.

As you are preparing your household to withstand these extraordinary times, we ask that you consider the households of your neighbors, too.

Financial contributions are more effective than food or gift card donations as Keystone can purchase directly from wholesaler rates. That means your contribution will go further to help children, adults and seniors in need throughout the community.

Please Make a Gift Online!

Warmest regards,

Arlene E. Daily
Executive Director

*P.S. Every day we see an increase in the percentage of clients who are elderly. They are struck by shame that after working for a lifetime they now must ask for help. Please consider making a contribution today to help those who do not have any other options.