Executive Director:  Arlene E. Daily (Bio)
Please click here to view press release announcing Arlene as Keystones new Executive Director (pdf)

Education Programs

Director, Adult Education: Susan Clauser
Student Advisor, Adult Education: Gee Hendricks
Tutor Coordinator: Szilvia Szekely
Professional Development Specialist: Patrice Karcher
e-Data Analyst: Paula Berg

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Food Pantry

Coordinator, Food Pantry: Cindy Dembrosky
Asst. Coordinator, Food Pantry: Arlin Delp

Housing & Social Services

Director, Social Services: Allegra Cressman
Housing Case Manager & Supervisor: Elizabeth Bertolet
Community Case Manager: Linda Chaplin
Director, Interfaith Hospitality Network (Emergency Shelter): Allegra Cressman and Elizabeth Bertolet
Your Way Home Housing Stability Coach: Stephanie Flamer
Your Way Home Housing Stability Coach: Kimberly Yambrick
Your Way Home Housing Locator: John Matlack

Support Staff

Development Director: Jeff Miles
Grants and Operations Manager: Kenneth D. Smith
IT and Operations Specialist: Jay Francis
Bookkeeper: Marguerite Baker
Administrative Assistant: Holly Post
Receptionist: Susan Clemmer
Property Manager: Vicki Pasquarello

Key Volunteers

Administrative Support Volunteer: John Lyon