SleepOut 2019

SleepOut 2019

SleepOut 2019

Date: Fri October 25 through Sat October 26

Time: Check in from 4 p.m. till 6 p.m.

Place: Zion Mennonite Church

149 E Cherry Lane, Souderton PA

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Keystone Opportunity Center invites youth membership and youth pastors to participate in our SleepOut 2018 event. We seek to engage and educate youth about the needs and challenges of those struggling with poverty. SleepOut 2018 will also generate community support to help our neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity, housing instability, or literacy challenges. More details are below. We hope you will register a group to attend.

Thank you to our generous sponsors who help make this event possible.



This unique event is a compassion-building program where youth learn the truth about poverty and privilege. It is a great platform for groups to learn about the needs of our neighbors. Groups will rotate through a number of activities that include a forum where local community members talk about homelessness, hunger and poverty, how it can happen, its impact, and what can be done to help. They participate in activities that directly help those in need and frequently find a new desire to participate in projects long after the event is over. Groups arrive Friday night, have some fun constructing the cardboard shelters (or their own tents) in which they will sleep, then share a “Soup Kitchen” type meal, play some high-energy games, and hear from people who will share stories that make homelessness and hunger real and personal. At “lights out,” the groups return to their tents, cardboard camps, or cars to experience what a housing crisis might be like. In the morning, breakfast is provided while they pack up. Many congregations then have their youth present what they learned, or youth pastors do a follow-up class with the group. It is always enlightening for those involved.

New This Year

  • We are returning to the cardboard camps! Prizes for the cardboard camps will be back, too. Uline will be delivering some boxes, but start collecting your own boxes, along with tape, markers, and other supplies, as you know how much the kids loved this part of the night. We are bringing it back!
  • We will be incorporating a “peer-to-peer fundraising/sponsor-me” model this year. The greater the amount of funds raised through this event, the more we can help our neighbors with food, housing and education. Once your groups is registered, we will set up a date to come to your facility and educate your group on what they can do leading up to the event, to help us fight poverty. Together, we can help our neighbors.
  • Groups can now be considered sponsors if their group raises enough to reach a sponsor level. We hope your group will find it inspiring to promote your church or group and see your institution get sponsor benefits.

Contact us by email at mfriend@keystoneopp.org or phone (215) 723-5430 with your questions about SleepOut 2018.

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