Thank you for your interest in employment with Keystone Opportunity Center. Below are the jobs we have open. Instructions on how to apply are included in each posting.


Affordable Housing Coordinator

One factor contributing to homelessness is lack of affordable housing. That’s why Keystone Opportunity Center works to increase the number of affordable housing units in Montgomery and Bucks counties. To manage these rental properties, we are seeking an Affordable Housing Coordinator. The person in this role will manage the program, overseeing duties including lease signings, inspections, move-ins, tenant relations, billing, collection, utilities, inspections, exits, evictions, and connecting tenants to other social services. The Affordable Housing Coordinator will have a flexible schedule as s/he will be on call for property maintenance issues, evaluating problems via phone or in person, then hiring service/repair companies if necessary. The Coordinator will also work to improve the program, collaborating with the Executive Director to research ways to change the program in order to improve tenant outcomes and avoid evictions, and to seek additional funding for the program. As this position has an unpredictable schedule (sometimes very busy and sometimes very quiet based on number of apartment turnovers) the Coordinator will assist the Executive Director with clerical duties or special projects in order to fill in the schedule.

TO APPLY, please visit: Affordable Housing Coordinator


INTERN: Marketing/Communications

We’re looking for an ambitious college student who wants to gain experience in areas such as communications, public relations, social media, event creation, and relationship building.

Your unpaid college internship will allow you to work with the Executive Director and liaise with other department heads to help develop plans, execute projects and track participants. Activities could include designing social media posts, building lists, creating bulk emails, researching issues related to poverty, writing newsletters, identifying potential partners, capturing marketing statistics, staffing events and more.

TO APPLY, please visit: Marketing Intern